Post in English for Poland’s Independence Day

Writing the last chapter of my thesis, I have been watching myself on video documentation from different performances of my solo improvisation in 2017 (also sometimes accompanied by amazing Maija Reeta Raumanni). As a part of my research: What do I do, when I dance? I discovered how many words it takes to describe a short moment of play between my body – objects – audience and the environment. Describing what I see on screen, I filled many pages of my notebook. I decided to only write about one piece, which took place at Ladom @ladoabc. It was performed and shot in such a small space, that watching it felt like being there again, inside the practice with the audience. Other pictures here capture gigs from Komuna / Warszawa @komunawarszawa, MCK Nowy Teatr @nowy_teatr. As a part of Research Scholarship by Grażyna Kulczyk @artstationsfoundation and my Masters Thesis @inst_kultury_polskiej Happy Poland’s Independence Day everyone! #dance #danceimprovisation #choreography #body #audienceparticipation #independance

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